Special Alumni Rate

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 Retake a Workshop

If you have previously attended a Leadership Meta-Formation Heart Workshop, you can attend the SAME workshop again for a drastically reduced rate of $99.  

This Special Alumni Rate applies to any of these 4 Workshops:

Transforming the Heart
Living From the Heart
Relating From the Heart
Coaching the Heart 

You pay just $99 to repeat the same workshop.  There is no limit!  You can pay $99 each time you register to retake a workshop.

Alumni participants have access to all workshop experiences, but bring their own workbook and use all of their previous workshop materials.  The 8-weeks of follow-up experience is optional! 

We’ve removed the financial barrier to your ability to come back for a refresher.  Maybe the first time you came for yourself, but this time you want to focus on how to help others encounter Jesus. Maybe you want to come with a friend this time. Maybe you just want to experience the fellowship and community again.  No matter the reason, we would love to see you again!

This Special Alumni Rate is exclusive to Great Relationships.